Legal Partnership "RSU" provides a wide range of consultancy-legal services for legal entities (state bodies, public and commercial organizations), as well as providing services to physical persons and individual entrepreneurs on matters of civil, administrative, corporate, family, inheritance, labor, housing and land rights.

We are very happy to represent you a more detailed offer for our mutual cooperation.

As we have already mentioned our company has 5 very energetic, ambitious and friendly lawyers who have a very strong knowledge in different fields of law based on their long practice and previous experience. We also have several assistants who allow us do not forget about small but important things. All members of our team are devoted to our company, loyal to our clients and have a strong feeling of the corporate culture.

The main principle of our team is to keep our company reputation clear. Due to background of the staff our company offers many types of law services which we provide at the highest level.

Taking into account your business activity we could suggest our assistance on an unlimited basis in following spheres of law.

  1. Corporate legislation
    This type of assistance includes all necessary preparation and alterations of organizational documents.
  2. Contract law
    This type of assistance includes preparation or revision contracts, negotiations of their terms and conditions, getting all necessary approvals and permissions.
  3. Customs clearance and Currency legislation
    This kind of activity will include arrangements for customs clearance both import and export of goods and services. Also we are able to support all transactions using our contacts with the Customs.
  4. Labor law
    In this field we will be able to implement revision of all documents concerning employment your staff and feedback weak points over.
  5. Migration legislation
    This line of our assistance includes applying and obtaining all necessary permits and licenses for employment foreign personal. Also we could assist to prepare all required reports to be sent to state bodies.
  6. Tax law and accounting procedure
    In this field our specialists could advise on taxation regarding to optimize the tax burden.
  7. Environment legislation
    In this sphere we are ready to make necessary preparations and arrangements to avoid any infringements of sophisticated law.

We also offer you a full courtroom (court of general jurisdiction and arbitration court) and state bodies’ representation. That activity includes preparation claims, legal actions, appeals petitions etc.

Moreover on a constant basis we will provide your employees with an actual legislation affected on your business activity.

Taking into account our previous experience we prefer to create close contacts with our clients, as it helps us to reach success and be more effective. This is why we usually offer our client one or more lawyers who are getting in close touch with client’s stuff.

Considering the price of our services we came to conclusion that a fair cost is rubles per month.

To be more specific on the price we would like to draw your attention to the fact that the price does not include business trip expenses which could occur during our cooperation.

We are looking forward to hearing from you.
Yours sincerely,

Henry Ryzhov
Chief of the company